June 04, 2010

Dream a Little Dream, Sir Paul's Grammar, Friday Examination

    Robinson Crusoe (Enriched Classics (Pocket))
  1. Just because you have closed a book doesn't mean your mind must also close. Dream daily.
  2. "I was alone. I took a ride. I didn't know what I would find there." Come on, Sir Paul, antecedent?
  3. The optimist: Fridays are followed by Saturdays. I can drink coffee tonight.
    Pessimist: Fridays are followed by Mondays. I'll be drinking plenty of coffee come then.
    The unemployed: Fridays are just another day drinking coffee all day with my friends.
    The idle rich: What the unemployed guy said.
    Robinson Crusoe, had he been a cannibal: Friday? Good man. Tastes like chicken. 
Robinson Crusoe (Enriched Classics (Pocket))
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