February 27, 2010

Nonsense News Flash: Carly Simon Reveals Name of Mystery Man (My Suggestions Here)

It is not clear whether Ms Simon said "Barack Obama", "Tiger Woods" or "Miley Cyrus," but one thing is for sure...

She never said Brockeim.

Full news article here, including link to whispered part of the song.

You're So Vain (mp3)

You're So Vain

February 26, 2010

Clocking Sleep, In the Beginning, Whatever

Sony ICF-C318 Automatic Time Set Clock Radio with Dual Alarm (Black)
  1. Nothing makes me so sleepy as the sound of an alarm clock.
  2. Friday was not the first day. No one can prove otherwise.
  3. Fatalism is depressing. Be happier.

February 25, 2010

Mork on Holiday, Would It Kill You to Be on Time?, Bibliophiliacs

  1. What do citizens of other planets do for vacation?
  2. "Better late than never." Words not spoken by Dr. Kevorkian's victim-patients.
  3. Bibliophile... not a term used by Christians describing how they store their 'good book'. 

    February 24, 2010

    Steal This (Someone Else's) Book, Show Biz, Nothing Much

    1. Everyone needs a mug about books. Better than getting mugged and having your books stolen. Or something like that.
    2. Snow business like show business? Have these people ever looked into book reviewing?
    3. Nothing says nothing like something that isn't really anything. And that's something. Really something.

    February 23, 2010

    Counting Cups, Graduated Naps, Vacuous Speech

    1. How many coffee cups are on your desk or table right now?
    2. When does a nap graduate into sleeping?
    3. Nothing happens entirely in a vacuum. Except for talk radio.

    February 22, 2010

    Bean Lust, Elmo's Peccadillo, Lost in London

    1. Unhappiness is found at the bottom of an empty pot of coffee and no coffee to brew. Happiness happens when a neighbor has a fresh bag of beans.
    2. Tickle Me Elmo. I'm not asking why.
    3. So let me get this straight. You were alone and you took a ride but you didn't know what you would find there? I think your public transit needs a better way finding system.

    Earth Wind and Fire - Got to Get You Into My Life (more fun than the Beatles video)

    February 19, 2010

    Weekday Bliss, Teething War, Coffee Buddy

    1. Waiting for the weekend? Don't. Be happy all seven days each week, not just two.
    2. I hope I never fight tooth and nail. I like my teeth, and don't have enough nails.
    3. Buddy Holly is an excellent accompaniment to afternoon coffee. Then again, so is silence... and cacophony. Everything's better with coffee.
    Buddy Holly - That'll Be the Day (mp3) video

    February 18, 2010

    Lizzy Not So Thin, Tickling the Trickle, Cuppers Move

    1. I wanted to call her Thin Lizzy, but the fact of the matter was she wasn't named Lizzy, and, as for thin, well, she was built like a Tin Lizzy.
    2. Trickle down, up or over... when is it ever a good thing?
    3. You say it is too late in the day, but you know you want one. Pour yourself a cup of all that is good and tasty.

    February 17, 2010

    Fonzology, Yogi's Bearable, Chuck the Horse

    1. Fonzie was not speaking pig Latin when he said, "Ayeeee."
    2. There are a lot of known facts in this world, but there are some unknown facts we don't even know about. (a salute to Yogi Berra)
    3. If a horse named Charlie whacks his thigh and it hurts, what does he call it?

    February 16, 2010

    Coffee & Cookies, Tuesday Afternoon Nonsense, Twa La

    1. C is for coffee and coffee is for me. (cookies are good too)
    2. Tuesday, Tuesday. Why are only sad songs written for this day?
    3. We need a hero. We need Mr. Whipple.

    February 15, 2010

    Romantic Monday, Boiling Not Recommended, Historically Awake

    1. Love and romance are not the exclusive domain of February 14's Valentine Day.
    2. When making coffee, like tea, the water should not be boiling. Almost. Not quite.
    3. There I was, reading a long book on the history of coffee. It kept me awake.

    February 11, 2010

    Shake It, Quoting Literature, Thursday Estimates

    1. "I said shake baby shake..." was Jerry Lee Lewis' declaration that he did not want a Coke or a beer, but a triple fudge malt shake. Oh, and yes, he sang a song using those words too. (no word on whether or not he was looking for a Slim-Fast Shake)
    2. Can you quote full poems, scenes from a novel, a soliloquy or biblical passage (like a complete chapter, Psalm or even a shorter book of the Bible, like 3 John)? Pop songs only earn half a point since those can be absorbed by osmosis via repetition.
    3. Never underestimate what a Thursday can do.

    February 10, 2010

    Ducking Rattlers, Playtime Theory, Spacing Out

    1. Rattlesnakes. "Duck" is not what is the usual suggestion when one is noted in proximity.
    2. Any thoughts on the difference between research and play?
    3. She asked for some space, and he gave her Mars.

    February 09, 2010

    City Building, Pretense, Oily Delicacies

    1. So they built this city of rock n' roll. That's great, but the kitchen still needs jazzing up.
    2. It isn't make believe.
    3. What if oil was chocolate? Would there be more love?
     See Bit of Nonsense Come in Threes for videos vaguely relating to these posts.

      Essence of Chocolate: Recipes for Baking and Cooking with Fine Chocolate
        We Built This City - Starship (Very Best Of - CD)

        February 08, 2010

        Should:Shouldn't, Corruptus Extremus?, Hasta Makes Wasta

        1. She shouldn't have? Did she know that? On what basis?
        2. Just because the world around has corrupt minds doesn't mean we are not free to think cleanly.
        3. Her vista has been hastaed.

        February 05, 2010

        Late, Great Future, Dylanology, Antihypocrisy

        1. The future started yesterday. Hurry up. You're late.
        2. What did Bob Dylan mean (pick any song)?
        3. We believe what we live, not what we say we believe.

        Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues (mp3)

        February 04, 2010

        Trouble in Brockeimia?, Poetry Mandate, Loggers

        1. The trouble began long before me. I'm just picking up the slack.
        2. The world needs to read more poetry.
        3. Logging off is not something kinky involving lumberjacks.

        February 03, 2010

        Who Let the Cats Out?, Encroaching on Time, Peace Jerky?

        1. Why would someone ever put the cat in the bag?
        2. The guy who put time in a bottle better let it out. I could use a few bottles. A case even.
        3. World peace could start with coffee. It turns out that the beef jerky idea didn't work.

        Who Let the Dogs Out by Baha Men (mp3)

        February 02, 2010

        Barry's Love, Lucy's Rubies, Glom On

        1. Barry White sang, "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Baby." It is not clear which wife he was referring to, as for at least one, he did get enough.
        2. What if Lucy had rubies or lemons instead diamonds ($224,000)? History... nay, life as we know it, would be changed.(sing it Elton John [Beatles version not on Amazon as mp3])
        3. Never glom obsessively.

        February 01, 2010

        Dude Like More Chocolate?, Coloreds, Killing Me Softly

        1. There are questions we must all ask ourselves. Like, "Is there more chocolate where that came from?"
        2. Besides green, what color is most commonly seen where you live? 
        3. Sign never seen at a bar or McDonalds: human self-preservation is a basic instinct. 
        Killing Me Softly - Fugees (mp3)